As we go farther across the world and arrive in Argentina in South America, amazement and surprise are in store for us. Here are 16 amazing facts about Argentina. Learn a little Spanish so you can appreciate this nation of rich culture, sports, and gastronomy! Argentina is a country rich in natural monuments, cultural heritage, great cuisine, and traditions. So take a seat back, unwind, and get ready to learn some incredible facts about Argentina.

16 Amazing Facts About Argentina

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Argentina’s World Records

Argentina is a large country with a rich history of humorous world records. In 2017, 1,941 people held hands while floating in water, setting a record. In 2015, Andres Evans in the county and Shân Cothi in Wales achieved the greatest distance between them while singing a duet.

Motherland holds the world record for the most hair dyed in an eight-hour relay, with 160 volunteers and 50 hairdressers dying their hair in 2013.


It is a name steeped in myth and adventure. In the early 16th century, European explorer Juan Díaz de Solís named the “Río de la Plata” (Silver River) before being killed by indigenous people. After surviving the ordeal, Aleixo Garcia traveled inland and heard about a “White King” in a silver-rich country. Over time, stories of silver persisted, and in 1554, Portuguese cartographer Lopo Homem mentioned “Terra Argentea”.

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Wildlife in Argentina With over 1000 bird species, this ecologically rich land boasts one of the world’s largest biodiversities. The subtropical north is home to jaguars, crocodiles, and howler monkeys, while the central grasslands offer giant anteaters, maned wolves, and armadillos. The western mountain region is home to the Andean condor, the world’s largest flying bird in terms of weight and wingspan. Travel to Patagonia and you may encounter elephant seals, penguins, and Orca whales feeding on South American sea lions.


Argentina hosts a year-round calendar of fiestas and celebrations, including the world’s largest tango festival. They celebrate national holidays based on their history and heritage, including Day of the Flag, Independence Day, First National Government Anniversary, and National Folklore Festival. Argentines value their friendships and celebrate them annually.

On July 20th, Argentines celebrate friendship with a holiday that caused mobile network disruptions in 2005.

Argentina’s Sights

With 30 incredible national parks in Argentina, visitors are spoiled for choice with bucket-list sites. Adventurers and photographers love Patagonia for its unique experience. Experience the breathtaking beauty of this region with its jagged peaks and vast landscapes. Lower than Patagonia is Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world and a popular starting point for Antarctica expeditions.

At the border with Brazil, Iguazu Falls is a must-see. The falls, taller and wider than Niagara Falls, flow across the Parana plateau and divide at multiple locations, with half emptying into The Devil’s Throat.

Interesting Facts about Argentina Food and Drinks

Argentinean cuisine Argentina is well known for its vibrant, savory cuisine, which pairs well with fine wines and fiery delicacies. A local favorite in this country, beef is roasted over an open flame and prepared similarly to barbecue, served with chimichurri sauce, which is made with olive oil, parsley, garlic, oregano, and red or white wine vinegar. You may wonder what pairs well with asado meat. That, though, is obvious! This South American barbeque feast goes incredibly well with iconic Mendoza Malbec wine. Food is greatly impacted by the Mediterranean, so you can expect to find a lot of pasta and pizza in the nation’s capital, Buenos Aires. 

Traditional Dance

 It’s likely that Argentines will be dancing when they’re not participating in or watching sports! Argentina’s national dance, the tango, had its roots in the 1880s near the Uruguayan border. From the suburbs, this fervent dance began to spread to working-class neighborhoods, which were teeming with European immigrants.

Tango Dance

The dance quickly gained popularity, and by the early 1900s, Berlin, Paris, and London had joined the frenzy. Tango was added to the UNESCO lists of intangible cultural treasures in 2009 because it is such an essential component of Argentine history and culture.

Large Glaciers

This country has some of the world’s largest and most stunning glaciers. Only Antarctica and Iceland offer visitors the chance to witness natural glaciers at their best. homeland is an affordable destination with stunning glacial formations for photo opportunities. I highly recommend visiting the Perito Moreno, easily accessible from El Calafate. Note that this glacier is not the largest in Patagonia, despite its size. 

Glaciers In Argentina

Visit state to witness the largest glacier in South America, the Upsala, located in a vast ice field. Although it may seem unlikely, this ice formation spans Chile and Argentina.

Visit Different Countries

Discover an intriguing fact about Argentina that you will love. This country borders 5 South American countries, making it a great addition to your travel itinerary. During your vacation in state, consider taking short trips to these countries to accomplish multiple goals. Discover diverse cultures in Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil, and Uruguay through day trips from nation to major cities. 

Facts about the Argentina Soccer Team and other Sports

Thanks in part to their two-time champion national team, which won the world cups in 1978 and one in 1986, and now in 2022, football is the most popular sport in the country. Currently, River Plate is the top football team in Argentina, and a trip to watch one of the teams play is a must for any visitor to the nation.

Facts about the Argentina Soccer Team

The national sport is a 17th-century invention called “Pato,” or “duck,” in which two teams compete for control of a ball with six equally spaced handles while mounted on horses. Instead of using a ball, the original version of the game was played with a live duck inside a bag, but that was obviously banned years ago. Argentinians also love to play rugby, golf, polo, and basketball.

Famous Facts About Argentina

Many well-known celebrities, such TV actors Martina Stoessel and Sebastian Rulli, music sensation Sebastian Olzanski, and former Victoria’s Secret angel Ines Rivero, were born in Argentina. Moreover, it is home to many amazing and captivating YouTubers, such Alejo Igoa, DRossRotzank, and Julian Serrano. Famous athletes from the area include Diego Maradona, the man behind the infamous “hand of god” handball incident, and Lionel Messi. The first two animated feature films in history were created by Quirino Cristiani, Ladislao José Biró invented the ballpoint pen in 1931, and Domingo Liotta, a pioneer in heart surgery, created the first complete artificial heart that was successfully implanted in a human.

Facts about Buenos Aires Argentina


The shaping Of Modern Argentina

Buenos Aires is the capital of the Spanish-created viceroyalty of the Río de la Plata before the nation gained independence. During the Spanish monarchy, rivalries arose between European Peninsulares and American Creoles. The May Revolution of 1810 marked the start of the Argentine War of Independence. After years of conflict between royalists and independence fighters, the United Provinces of the Plata declared independence on July 9, 1816, and the Río de Plata was dissolved. 

Boat Trips

Buenos Aires to Uruguay is a popular day trip option. Take a boat from this Argentine city to Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay for an unforgettable experience. You can also visit the Brazilian side of the Iguazu Falls for a day trip with breathtaking views

Dogs and Cats Lovers

Visit this country without worrying about large dog and cat populations. This nation has how many dogs and cats? About 60% of Argentine homes have pets. Dogs may welcome you in Buenos Aires by dropping poops on the road, which you may step in.

Hundreds Of Bookstores

Buenos Aires have over 750 bookstores because one is on practically every corner of this magnificent city. Given its many bookstores, Buenos Aires have more per person than any other city.

The enormous catalogs of romance, history, mystery, and thrillers are considerably larger. Buenos Aires has many bookstores to discover the proper book. You should read Jorge Luis Borges, one of Argentina’s most famous novelists. English-language literature is also available in Walrus and Kel bookstores. You can then spend a relaxing day amongst its captivating pages.

Fun Facts About Argentina Christmas

It is customary to put jars of dulce de leech on Christmas trees to bring luck and plenty the next year. Opening presents before dinner determines how benevolent one must be toward relatives during the meal.

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