17 of the Places to visit in Argentina 2023

Let’s get started with the 10 best places to visit in Argentina 2023. Eighth-largest country in the world, the second-largest in Latin America, and the largest Spanish-speaking country. The capital city is Buenos Aires, and they also possess territories outside of the mainland like the Falkland Islands. Argentina’s cultural, artistic, and architectural heritage is diverse, spanning from the tropical north to the glorious Patagonia’s Sub-Antarctic regions in the south, and absorbing influences from all over the world.

Places to visit in Argentina 2023:

Buenos Aires, Ushuaia, Peninsula Valdez, Iguazu, Falls, Mendoza, Barelochi, Piedra Parada, El Bolson, Mar del Plata, Tigre, Villa La Angostura, Ibera Wetlands, Mount Fitz Roy, Puerto Madryn, Cordoba, Los Glaciers, Tierra del Fuego National Park

1) Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, is a global metropolis that is both rough and glamorous. It is the size of four Chicago’s and is split into numerous manageable districts. The bohemian historical quarter of San Telmo is home to charming old taverns like El Federal, cobblestone streets, and dance clubs like El Viejo Almaden.buenos aires argentinabuenas aires

Palermo has a bunch of wonderful cafes, great vegetarian restaurants that are hard to find elsewhere in this red meat-loving country, lovely shops. Also a number of charming boutique hotels like Fierro and Home Hotel. Recoleta is a posh, old-money community. The ultra-luxury hotels are Alvera Palace and Palacio Dual. Museums in Buenos Aires are affordable or free. Art lovers should not miss Melba, the contemporary art museum. Buenos Aires comes alive at night. Dinners start at 9 p.m. Drinks last until the early morning hours. Hit up Latina restaurant in Chacarita. Experience exquisite Latin American food there.

2) Ushuaia

Argentina’s farthest southernmost point. The majority of travels to Antarctica begin in Ushuaia, a rough region with mountains and glaciers. Foodies should make a reservation at Kalmar, where chef Jorge Monopoly celebrates the native wild foods of the region, or stop into the laid-back and quirky Volvair for local king crab or other fresh seafood for even more perspective. ushuaia argentina

ushuaia tierra del fuego province argentinaTierra Turismo is the most reputable guiding company for trips into the national park to kayak or to off-road, and for visiting nearby Harberton to see the penguins. With Ushuaya drivers, tourists can go scuba diving in the Chilean Beagle Channel or fly over it in a Heli.

3) Peninsula Valdes

Peninsula Valdez is a quiet sanctuary located on a protruding Peninsula where Southern right whales, orcas, and penguins can be seen in great numbers. It feels like another universe from the surrounding busy cruise port of Puerto Madren.Peninsula Valdes

valdes peninsulaThe popular hotel in Puerto Piramides is Oceano, which is located directly on the beach. During certain seasons, tourists can enjoy morning coffee in bed while watching whales breach. There is also a small sandboarding hill, incredible mountain biking through the dunes and along the beach, and scuba diving with sea lions because, after all, this is the scuba diving capital of Argentina.

4) Iguazu Falls 

Iguazu Falls, one of the most breathtaking natural wonders in the entire world, is a collection of incredible waterfalls that are situated on the Iguazu River and cross the boundary between Brazil and Argentina. The Iguazu National Park safeguards the falls region and its wildlife.

iguazu falls

iguazu falls argentinaThe park has several wonderful walking paths, and boat rides bring visitors close enough to the falls to be drenched from the spray. The municipality of Puerto Iguazu, which lies on the Argentinean side, has some of best luxury hotels and spas.

Victoria Falls vs Iguazu Falls

5) Mendoza 

Mendoza is giving the wine regions of Italy and France a run for their money. Mendoza is famed for its bright sky, very attractive vineyards at the foot of the Andes, and Malbec. A ride on horseback on Argentina’s national breed with Nina Masi of El Viejo Manzano.mendoza

mendoza argentinaThere are several hot springs close on Route AkonKagua, or you may float on the nearby Mendoza River or fly fish for trout and wine. If finances allow, staying in a villa at the vines of Mendoza with dinner at Francis Malman’s on-site open-fire restaurant Sieti Fuegos is the ultimate Mendoza experience. South America’s highest peak vineyard tasting rooms range from small and cute Kernai to large and modern anything in the close de Los Siete complex.

6) Bariloche

Bariloche is a town in northern Patagonia that is situated on the shore of Lake Nagel Huapi and is surrounded by wildflower-dotted andes. It is well-known for its chocolate—here’s looking at you, Mamushka and Rapa Nui—and its microbreweries.

BarilocheBariloche argentinaPopular among locals is Blessed. It is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts with some fantastic day hikes and multi-day expeditions. Bareloche gets congested with tourists in the middle of summer and winter; it is recommended that you go in spring when the wildflowers blossom or in autumn when the leaf colors start to change. Kite surfing and skiing at Cerro Cathedral are available in the winter months of July to September.

7) Piedra Parada

Piedra Parada is sport climbing paradise, is about an hour and a half from Esquel and a few hours south of El Balzon. It is located in rural Chubut Province and has some of the continent’s best single pitch sport routes going as high as 5.14 d, which according to locals is very difficult. Nearby climbing hot spots include Kochiamo in Chile or Frey in Bariloche, but Piedra Parada has more challenging routes. Piedra Paradas

Piedras Para JardinIn the nearby town of Guadalcaina, there is a camping, or for more comfort, there is Hostelia mirador Juanan Kanche, managed by a beautiful couple who can not only recommend roots but also share knowledge about the history, fauna, indigenous culture, and distinctive geology that make this place so exceptional.

8) El Bolson

One of the most outstanding artist markets in South America. On Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, the business operates at around 50% of its maximum capacity. On Sundays, the capacity is also reduced. It is recommended to indulge in the local microbrew, namely the raspberry-flavored beer from Severseria El Bolson, as it is known for its delightful taste. Alternatively, one can savour local’s highly esteemed gelato at Zhao Zhao, a restaurant that prides itself on offering organic and all-natural products without the use of artificial flavors or colors.El Bolson

El Bolson ArgentinaPeople can engage in hiking in the Cajón de Azul or skiing at the family-friendly Cerro Perito Moreno. Additionally, one may opt to take a bus or travel to the nearby Lago Puelo, a popular destination for locals during the summer season, where they can enjoy swimming in the beautiful yet cold lake.

9) Mar del Plata

With its 10 miles of sandy beaches, including the wide Punta Mogotes and the well-known Player Grandi with its surf breaks, Mar de Plata is a modern and developed resort city on Argentina’s Atlantic coast. It is the second most visited city in the country after Buenos Aires and combines a seaside getaway with a bustling city with museums, an aquarium, and a lively nightlife, despite the fact that. It is known for its red meat and seafood straight from the ocean.Mar del Plata

Mar Del Plata ArgentinaMarvel Plaza has something for everyone, including me, as it is both family-friendly and home to a rowdy party atmosphere that embraces clubbing and drinking till the early hours of the morning.

10) Tigre Buenos

Tigre, located a short drive to the center of Buenos Aires, is an ideal destination for a day trip to get away from the urban environment. This town is famous for its delta, which covers many islands and rivers and lakes. Particularly, Tigre features a museum dedicated to yerba mate, which is a popular herbal beverage cherished by the Argentine population.Tigre Buenos Aires

Tigre Buenos Aires Province ArgentinaTo fully immerse oneself in the Tigre experience, it is recommended to explore the area via small boats or kayaks. Sudeste Pacios is a recommended option as it allows for navigation through narrower and less frequented rivers and lakes, thereby increasing the likelihood of coming across wildlife. Lastly, the subsequent destination 

11) Villa La Angostura

The region was defined by gorgeous lakes. This location serves as a prominent urban center situated along the Sieti Lagos Drive. The primary focus of the local community resides around the lake, with many activities taking place in the surrounding area. Lago Najel Juapi serves as a central focal point.Villa La Angostura There is an opportunity to engage in sunset sailing and fly fishing activities. Corontoso is regarded by many as the shortest river in the world. The region of Myrtle Ariane offers plenty of attractive hiking opportunities. Forests are complex ecosystems that feature a dense collection of trees and other vegetation, typically covering. There exists a local tale surrounding the renowned figure of Walt Disney.Villa La Angostura Neuquén Argentina The individual’s inspiration comes from the fascinating qualities of woodland environments. The scenery was based in the region. The presence of Bambi on the items in question is evident.

12) Ibera Wetlands

The Ibera Wetlands occupy an extensive stretch of land in the northeast of the country, just south of Paraguay. Nature lovers and those who enjoy the outdoors will love exploring all that it has to offer. The watery realm, which includes rivers, lakes, swamps, and wetlands, is fascinating to stroll through or travel across on horseback or in a kayak. Ibera Wetlands

Ibera Wetlands ArgentinaSeveral iconic South American wildlife, including anacondas, armadillos, caimans, capybaras, howler monkeys, the bird-like rhea, and more than 350 uncommon and endangered bird species, can be found in the ecological preserve.

13) Mount Fitz Roy

One of the most famous places in the Andes is Mount Fitz Roy, which is located in southern Patagonia close to the Chilean border. Dramatic ice fields and glacial lakes surround this rocky mountain. Mountain climbers appreciate the arduous terrain and sheer rock walls for the great challenge, while photographers love them for the extraordinary beauty.Mount Fitz Roy

Argentina Mount Fitz RoyThose who are unfamiliar with the Moniker may recognize its angular silhouette from the Patagonia apparel company’s logo.

14) Puerto Madryn

The city of Puerto Madryn, which is situated on the coast of Gulfo Nuevo, is best known as the entrance to Peninsula Valdes. It is also a popular holiday spot due to its stunning beaches, considering the fact that the water can be rather cold. Madryn is experiencing fast expansion as a result of the recent surge in tourism, and the town’s modest permanent population increases enormously during the summer.Puerto Madryn

Puerto Madryn Chubut Province ArgentinaAs the Southern Right Whale prefers the waters of the Gulfo Nuevo for breeding and giving birth, whale watching cruises are also well-liked. The whales can be seen from the mainland between July and September since they are so close.

15) Cordoba

Cordoba, Argentina’s big city, is found in the country’s geographic center. Cordoba, which is bounded by beautiful valleys and mountains, is most known for the large number of Spanish colonial architecture there.Cordoba Argentina

CórdobaThe Jesuit Block area in the city’s center is where you’ll find the most of these old palaces, churches, and monuments. An estimated 200,000 students reside in Cordoba, offering the city a youthful and vibrant vibe.

16) Los Glaciares

Among the most breathtaking natural wonders on earth can be found in Los Glaciares or Glaciers National Park. The largest ice cap outside of Greenland and Antarctica may be found in the national park, which is situated in the enormous Patagonia region’s Santa Cruz Province.Los Glaciares

Los Glaciares National ParkThe glaciers’ continuous cycle of advance and retreat is accompanied by a never-ending display of deafening booms, crackling ice, and huge chunks of ice breaking off and crashing into the lakes. While the Los Glaciers’ southern region is home to glaciers, the northern region boasts stunning mountains like Mount Fitz Roy that are ideal for hiking and mountain climbing.

17) Tierra Del Fuego National Park

Tierra del Fuego National park extends from Beagle Channel to the Chilean border as far north as Lagoki, totaling 156 000 acres. The explorers can go from their usual hiking paths to the park’s trails or hike along the coast to take in the astounding majesty, featuring all from huge waterfalls to lush mountains and forests to elegant Glacier-Fed lakes like Roca Ensenada Costera.Tierra Del Fuego National Park

Ushuaia Tierra Del Fuego province Argentina

One of the oldest and most popular paths is a coastal path that connects Ensenada Bay to lake Roca which offers glimpses of a wide range of species, including Andean Condors.

Final Takeaways:

Those are the top 10 places to visit in Argentina. The area’s particular natural beauty, which encompasses everything from mountains to waterfalls and glaciers. All these places that allow you for camping, hiking, cycling, kayaking, and climbing, must be explored. Were you impressed? If so, let us know in the comments below.

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