Places to Visit in Switzerland 2024

Switzerland is a piece of heaven on earth due to its magnificent lakes, extraordinary towns, and glorious Alps. It is not wrong to call it as a jewel in the crown of the Old Continent. If you are heading towards this appealing country, you will find many places to visit in Switzerland. In this article, we have gathered a number of famous destination points that a newbie must visit.  Let’s have a look one by one! 

Places to Visit in Switzerland 2023 and 2024

Most beautiful Places to Visit in Switzerland are Lucerne, Solothurn, Fribourg, Zurich, Schaffhausen, Neuchâtel, Bern, Lugano, Sion, Interlaken, Lake Oeschinen, Geneva, Zermatt, Lake Brilliance

Lucernelucerne switzerland

Lucerne is beautiful year-round, but especially in spring, summer, and winter. The lake, river Reuss, promenade buildings, and Kapellbrücke wooden bridge provide a stunning aesthetic. Explore the Lion Monument, the saddest rock in the world, the promenade, the city wall, or the Gletschergarten museum. Some major Lucerne attractions while walking on Kapellbrücke, take note of the numerous pictures below the roof.

lion of lucerne switzerland
Lucerne Lion

Lucerne is culturally rich! Discover glacier nature and historical wars in Switzerland at the latter museum. The underground Alhambra hall of mirrors is the showpiece. The Lilu light festival, held annually in late January, is a major attraction. The city will be illuminated, with light performances happening within the Jesuit cathedral. 

lake lucerne switzerland
Lake Lucerne Beautiful View

Locals say the carnival is the best in Switzerland and is the most famous event. If you’re not satisfied with the city, take a lake boat to adjacent villages or climb Mount Pilatus for a breathtaking view. Switzerland has amazing cities to explore.

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This is a quite unique city with different kind of identity! Solothurn proudly calls itself the most beautiful baroque city of the Switzerland. When strolled through the old city, I soon had to agree with that claim. The baroque-style houses are indeed very beautiful and then of course the St. Ursen.

Solothurn SwitzerlandCathedral, being masterpiece of the city is similar to most cathedrals in Switzerland; you may ascend the church tower to enjoy a great view over Solothurn. As you are standing up there, you might notice that this city actually shares some similarities with Lithuania’s capital Vilnius.


Fribourg is unique because it is built on a hill like Bern. However, the town extends to the Sarine river groove. Begin your exploration over the hill, stroll through the alleys, and then visit the St. Nicolas cathedral. A city landmark, this gothic church is beautiful. I highly recommend climbing the cathedral tower.Fribourg

You’ll have a great view of the old city from up there. My preferred location is the canyon, offering a stunning view of the city’s majestic houses. After drone observation, I noticed similarities between this city and Luxembourg.fribourg switzerland

You may visit the hilltop Loreto chapel and face away the city. In my opinion, the best view of Fribourg’s old city is from there. Try the funicular to return to the hilltop city center. The fascinating aspect is that it operates using the pressure of used water. Since 1899, it’s actually very sustainable! As you are in Fribourg, you are in one of Switzerland’s most culinary regions. Experience their fondue à la moitié-moitié, meringues, or berries with Gruyères double cream. It’s delicious!


Zürich, known as the world’s most expensive city, appears modest in comparison to its rivals. Zürich, the largest city in Switzerland, is a center for banking, business, and innovation. It is often the first destination for many who arrive in Switzerland by plane or train. Zurich Switzerland

From my experience, studying material science at ETH, I recommend visiting the following points of interest in the city:  Zürich’s highlights include Limmatquai, Niederdörfli, Augustinergasse, Fraumünster Church, Bellevue, and Bahnhofstrasse. Zurich City

 Interestingly, I never valued the daily view while studying at ETH. One of my best friends explained to me the uniqueness of the Polybahn and the beauty of the vista during my first journey. Despite its internationality and fast speed, Zürich maintains a balance between modern and traditional elements. It remains a significant cultural center in Switzerland. 

This is evident in the interiors of guilders houses, which remain significant cultural indicators in the city. Each year, they hold the intriguing custom of Sechseläuten on the 3rd Monday in April.  

Visit Zürich’s Christmas markets in December, particularly near the main station, Sechseläuten square, and Illuminarium.


Schaffhausen switzerland

Schaffhausen, a small city in northern Switzerland, is often overlooked. I may be biased, but I believe my hometown is one of the most beautiful cities in Switzerland. Schaffhausen’s old city remains fully protected and intact to this day. Therefore, allow at least 2 hours to explore it. I recommend planning for at least half a day to take advantage of the many cafés, restaurants, and attractions. The city is charming with its shops, vibrant life, painted houses, and oriel windows.  

Schaffhausen is known as the Stadt der Erker, in reference to its oriel windows. For the best alleys, visit Vordergasse, especially during Christmas, and then the Understudy in the lower city. A stunning Art Deco shop showcases hand-painted porcelain and tiles by artists. Visit the Swiss protestant church, abbey Zu Allerheiligen, museum, Schifflände with Train Bridge, and Munot fortress, which are all worth visiting. 

Schaffhausen Switzerland As a major tourist attraction and cultural center in Schaffhausen, the area hosts a fun annual Salsa party and the Munot Ball, featuring the traditional quadrille dance. 

The town holds a Martinimarket on a Wednesday and Thursday in mid-November and a two-day Christmas market at the abbey. The Park Villa is a unique option among the many hotels in Schaffhausen. It’s near the train station and nostalgic. Explore Schaffhausen’s attractions, including Stein am Rhein’s old city and Europe’s tallest river waterfall, the Rhine Falls. 


Neuchâtel Switzerland

Neuchâtel has fascinated me since childhood. This is likely due to its lakeside location, unique climate, and positive atmosphere. Neuchâtel’s beauty comes from its simplicity. Though less colorful than other cities, Neuchâtel is primarily made up of limestone buildings. Explore the alleys, including hidden ones with graffiti. Neuchâtel seamlessly blends old and modern arts, which I admire about the city. The main attractions include the clocktower, gardens, promenade, docks, and a shaky balcony overlooking the lake.  

lake neuchâtelI prefer the hill with the castle and collegiate church. Upon arrival, you will have a stunning view of Neuchâtel’s old city. Visit the abbey and collegiate church briefly. Neuchâtel frequently hosts cultural events, including the street food festival.

Bern (Federal city of Switzerland)


The next one is Bern, the federal city. The old city is distinguishable for its arcades, clock towers, and fountains. Bern is known for its attractions, including the Bundeshaus and Swiss National Bank. Next, visit the Zytglogge tower, featuring Adam and Eve’s exile from paradise, the Bärengraben bear pit, Einstein’s house, the city theater, and the cathedral. Speaking of the minister, climb the tower for a stunning view of Bern’s old city.

Bern River Switzerland

For a safe summer swim, visit the Marzili bath on the Aare River. Bern is rich in culture, including the local specialty of Rösti, a traditional Swiss dish available in various varieties. Consider attending the Zibelemärit onion market in the second half of November for a significant cultural event. It begins at 6 am on Mondays. It is well-decorated and has some carnival elements. The Stärnemärit market will take place during the Christmas season. This street food festival has a Christmassy atmosphere, enhanced by beautiful star lighting.


Lugano Switzerland

Our destination is Lugano, Switzerland’s Rio de Janeiro! Lake Lugano, situated on the Ceresio Bay, attracts tourists with its stunning surroundings.  

Many houses and charming alleys make Lugano’s old city beautiful. It is a bustling city with many shops and restaurants. Basically everything tourists and locals need! Lugano hosts an annual Christmas market, which is surprisingly traditional for a major city, with traditional booths.  

Monte bre Lugano

Consider visiting the popular Instagram spot with the church and funicular in the background, the Chiesa San Lorenzo with its mosaic-filled interior, and the Parco Ciani. In the park, you’ll likely encounter this gate, a popular photo spot in Lugano.  

Lugano is easily accessible by car, but I prefer the train. You can directly access the funicular to the old city, making it convenient.  

I have visited Lugano multiple times and would like to share my favorite activities in and around the city.  A visit to Monte Brè or Monte San Salvatore is a must. These two peaks offer a great view of Lugano. Monte San Salvatore offers a stunning view of the lake and surroundings.  



This is a town that many of you might not have heard of. It’s the capital of the very touristy canton of Valais. The moment I entered the old city of Sion, I noticed how vibrant this place is. In general, there is quite a happy atmosphere and this city provides sort of Italian vibes, although it lays in Switzerland’s French speaking part. This is what made me to feel Sion as very unique. During the warm months it’s quite happening, there are many street performers, many people hanging out at cafes and restaurants, and all together this inhales so much life into this place. 

Sion in Switzerland

Talking about the restaurants, upon my first visit, I noticed Sion being a very luxurious hub for foodie enthusiasts. Local delicacies include beef from the Hérens cattles, any dish including local tomatoes that are known for their quite unique taste and then the restaurant “Au Cheval Blanc” that serves the best oysters I ever had! Do not forget to visit Sion’s Castles up on the hill. They’re considered the landmark of the old town and look very beautiful during the day and night.


interlaken switzerland

Interlaken was historically recognized as a prominent hub for watch manufacturing, yet in contemporary times, it has garnered greater prominence as a favored destination for tourism. Interlaken witnessed the influx of tourists during the early 19th century, primarily driven by their desire to experience the invigorating mountain atmosphere and indulge in therapeutic spa therapies.

Interlaken river

The city is renowned for its breathtaking vistas of three renowned Swiss mountains, namely the Eiger, the Jungfrau, and the Monch. Additionally, it serves as a highly sought-after hub for engaging in various outdoor pursuits within the encompassing Bernese Oberland Alps. Tourists experiencing hunger pangs may opt to indulge in raclette, a traditional culinary offering hailing from Switzerland, which is crafted from delectable cheese. 

Lake Oeschinen

Lake Oeschinen

Reach Kandersteg; from there you can take a gondola and then a short, easy walk to Lake, which is located in the Bernese Oberlin region at a height of over 1600 meters. The lake is ridiculously beautiful, surrounded by sharp peaks and a small waterfall at one end.

oeschinen lake kandersteg switzerland

The very short optional hike to the lake adds to the charm of the experience. The landscapes along the hike are simply breathtaking and quite different from most other hikes that you’ll do in the Swiss Alps.


Geneva Switzerland

International influences are very strong in Geneva. Along with 20 other international organizations; it is home to the European headquarters of the United Nations and the International Red Cross Committee.

Lake Geneva 2023

Travelers who care about the environment will appreciate Geneva’s status as a “green” city—it has 20 percent of its area set aside for parks, earning it the moniker “city of parks.” Famous locations include the United Nations headquarters and the Cathedral of St. Pierre, where John Calvin delivered renowned sermons. Another enjoyable way to see Geneva is on a bike, or you may take a boat ride on Lake Geneva to rest your feet.


zermatt quartzite

Due to its close vicinity to Switzerland’s highest mountain, the Matterhorn, Zermatt is a small town that is well-known for its skiing and mountaineering activities. In winter, cable cars transport skiers up the nearby mountains, and in summer, they carry hikers. Zermatt Switzerland

Zermatt is an excellent town for strolling to different locations because gasoline-powered cars are not allowed within the municipal borders; all vehicles must run on batteries. Luckily, walking between the locations only takes 30 minutes or less for visitors. The village is connected to the outside world by picturesque railroad tracks.

Lake Turquoise

Turquoise lake

The turquoise lake and the nearby Lake Town are situated in the breathtaking Bernese Oberlin Mountains. The best things to do in the area are bike rides and boat rides. The lake’s regular boat service connects all of the surrounding small towns, running from the chic Interlaken resort on the west to the small town of Brennans on the east. Taking a trip around the lake will take you to the next location.

The tranquil, picturesque, and fairytale-like settlements in Elbel Belt are definitely worth visiting. If you’re looking for a lot to do and see the breathtaking images of Lake Brennans Schloss Sieberg taken there you must see this enchanting little settlement, which is located on the southern edge of the breathtaking Lake.

Based on the information we had compiled, it can be concluded that the Switzerland is highly recommended as your dream destination to be visited. We assure you will never regret spending plenty of bucks over any of these charming places in Switzerland. 

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